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In 2021 a modern production facility was set up near Warsaw.

For the first time in this country, the MiOlli team under the guidance of the internationally renowned technician Saba Janjgava set up the production of macarons with consistent and reliable output of the highest quality.

Our special recipe gives MiOlli macarons an unforgettable texture unlike anything else in the world.
MiOlli is a producer of authentic French confectionary macarons in Poland
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Only natural ingredients
On time delivery
The production capacity allows us to ship orders within 2-4 days. The logistics department delivers your order within Europe or all over the world.
Support for partners
MiOlli is more than a supplier. We support our partners at all stages of cooperation. Marketing, Exposition, Staff training.
Preservatives Flavorings
Almond flour
Fruit puree
Real benefits for MiOlli partners
High turnover margins
From 100% to 150%
Expansion of the range quickly and without losses
24 unique flavors are already available. Our food technology team are always working on discovering new delicious combinations.
Reputation growth
Macarons are a complex and costly confection to produce requiring a highly skilled pastry chef. It is not profitable to produce too many flavours in small volumes.

That is why no more than 10% of establishments have macarons on the menu. It’s only a select few places that are able to offer such a refined treat.
Our customers are your customers
We actively raise the profile of our partners in social networks and on the website, from where we direct customers to you.

In our online store we offer to pick up the order from the nearest partner location, encouraging our client to visit your establishment.
Additional sales
Corporate events, weddings, birthdays, you can sell personalised macarons for these and other occasions. All you have to do is place an order.
Risk-Free business
The risk of production waste is zero
The tough times around 2020 and 2021 have now made us ready for anything
Our unique recipe and production technology enables us to store macarons for up to 6 months at -18°C without the use of preservatives. After defrosting, the dessert is even more tender and tastier than fresh.

To defrost, just leave the macarons at room temperature for 20-30 minutes and serve them to the customer.

For 7 days after defrosting, the macarons can be stored in the refrigerator where they will retain all the qualities of a freshly made pastry.
MiOlli Macarons - a product that won't go to waste during Lockdown
Our combinations of flavors will not leave anyone unsatisfied
All flavors are categorized into
More information about macarons in the catalogue, click on the button to download
For us there are no "minor" clients, we treat each partner individually and hold to equal regard
Event Agencies
Catering Companies
Coffee Houses and Restaurants
Useful figures about the company
Team Members
Tastes of pasta available all the time
Countries supplied
Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, France, Poland, USA
3 mln
Macarons a year
What makes a good macaron?
We ask this question of ourselves every day so that we can always offer the best.

A macaron worthy of the name should have a thin, crispy crust on the outside, melt gently to the middle and exude a pleasant, natural flavor.
© Saba Janjgawa, MiOlli's chief technician
Photos from production
We provide all kinds of support to our partners
We will strive to solve problems with displaying desserts and decorating the presentation. We recommend different varieties of exposition for the most beautiful and enticing display of macarons. We provide related resources such as retail packaging, menu flavours, promotional materials, and stickers.
We will carry out training of your staff. We actively advertise through our online affiliate network attracting further loyal customers!
There are no hurdles that cannot be overcome together!
Exposure options
Attract extra customers through personalised printing on macarons
You can offer customers personalised macarons with logos, inscriptions, photos, and we print your order. Your customers are happy, and you have another revenue stream.
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Delivery and packaging
We deliver macaroons frozen -18 °C, -20 °C
We deliver to any EU country including Ireland, Scandinavia, also UK and USA
Possible delivery to Asia

Packing Options

What partners say about working with MiOlli
Mrs. Iwona Wieczorek
«Columbus Coffee» cafe
Korolkowa 30
«I, and the customers of the cafe, were delighted with the quality of MiOlli macaroons and with such a large selection of flavors. Customers keep coming back - that's the main argument! »
Mrs. Eliza Bartośińska
Breakfast room "Różana 25"
«Before that, she could not even have thought that premium macaroons would be sold in the breakfast room. But the customer decides and chooses quality. I recommend cooperation with Miolli.»
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